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Oakville facility
Oakville facility

Arjay Engineering was established in 1980 to specialize in the design and manufacture of air and liquid monitoring instruments.

Enmet Canada Ltd. evolved as the gas monitoring division of Arjay. Today, our gas detection systems are widely recognized under both the Enmet Canada brand and the Arjay brand labels.

Arjay liquid level and water quality instruments are manufactured under the Arjay label.

“Design, manufacturing, and testing is done at our Oakville facility located near Toronto, Canada. This is an ISO 9001:2015 audited facility.”

Our commercial and HVAC products are wholly designed and manufactured by Arjay. For specialty gas and hazardous location applications, we partner and source sensor technologies from appropriate solution providers and couple these with the Arjay control systems.

Arjay Engineering 
2851 Brighton Road
Oakville, Ontario,
Canada L6H 6C9

Tel: 1-905-829-2418
TF: 1-800-387-9487
Fax: 1-905-829-4701