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Committed to Gas Detection Excellence

Arjay Engineering manufactures quality gas monitoring instruments for the industrial and commercial markets. Over 40 years of experience has contributed to a line of detectors that focuses on the specific needs of each application and includes parking garage ventilation control, warehouses, service bays, arenas, mechanical refrigeration rooms, municipal treatment plants, and more. Offering stand-alone monitors and transmitters as well as complete multi-sensor addressable controllers, Arjay is ready to assist with you with your project needs.


Field Calibration and Services

From our factory near Toronto, Canada, Arjay offers site calibration and field services for Arjay and third party branded gas detection products.

Our technicians are fully health and safety certified and insured. We also offer Calibration Maintenance Contacts so you can have peace of mind that we will schedule your routine calibrations as needed and provide Calibration Certificates after each visit.

Of course, you can also send your equipment to our facility for testing and calibration in our labs.

Products to Meet Your Needs

Our gas detection products focus on commercial and industrial needs.

Commercial applications are typically sites where the public has access to facilities that may have gases such carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, propane, ammonia, etc. Arjay has gas detectors that will operate ventilation fans to keep gas concentrations at a safe level such as in a warehouse or parkade. We also offer gas detectors for alarm situations such as propane, ammonia, or refrigerant leaks.

Industrial applications tend to be for upset conditions or gas leaks in a processing facility. This could be a municipal treatment plant for hydrogen sulphide and methane or a refinery or chemical plant for explosive gases. Our industrial line-up of control panels are designed to accept most any third party sensor input using electrochemical, infrared, solid state, or catalytic technology. This enables us to help you with almost any gas monitoring need.