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Ventilation control in parking garages is important for energy efficiency of fan use, heat and cooling loss, personal safety, and tenant comfort. Arjay specializes in monitors for HVAC control that can zone your garage to operate fans only when and where needed.

Carbon monoxide is the prime target but nitrogen dioxide and a propane sensing may be of interest as well.

Local building codes in your region may mandate gas detection in lieu of operating fans at high volumes 24 hours per day.

Our GasAlert II is ideal for small garages or in large garages where discrete monitors in each zone is desirable. Our 4300-PG series provides a centralized scanning of all sensors and can map relays to control and interface with appropriate fans. If you have a Building Automation System, our EC-Gold sensor transmitters can link directly to your system with individual 4-20 mA signals or a Modbus interface.